Upholstery Services Near Denver

Chair and ottoman after upholstery updates

Upholstery Updates Near Denver add new style to any room in the house!

Guest Room Updated with upholstery changes to love seat

A client needed upholstery services near Denver and wanted to update a guest room to bring traditional style and classic feel to the space. Green paint was chosen to lighten up the Northern exposure room. The client had an upholstered love seat she wanted to re-purpose in the space that had nail heads and a dark old world style fabric. A white background plaid patterned fabric with hints of green, aqua, and blue was selected to bring light and warmth to the room where the love seat would be placed. The results after removing the nail heads and changing the arm style on the love seat were great. The love seat would now add a classic piece to the guest room.

Love Seat After Uphosltery Services
After upholstery services –The new fabric and removal of the nail heads really changed the look of the love seat


Before upholstery services


Updates to a love seat bring classic warmth to guest bedroom

A client contacted me to have upholstery services near Denver on a standard love seat with a skirt that needed updates. The current fabric was a buffalo check blue and white pattern. She wanted something more modern like a nice soft linen look. A solid classic beige fabric was selected to upholstery the love seat. The results were great and the customer was very happy with the final look.

Denver Upholstery Updates
Love Seat Before Upholstery Updates Performed


Love Seat After Upholstery Services
Love Seat After Upholstery Updates Performed


Updates to Chair and Ottoman bring fresh look to master suite —

A client contacted me to have upholstery updates near Denver on a Chair and ottoman that was going into the master bedroom. The current fabric was a plaid check pattern and the wood color was a dark reddish brown. She wanted something more modern and updated in a classic texture in a blue color. We selected an upholstery grade fabric in a nice textured blue and beige blend that complimented the other decor in the room. The wood on the chair and ottoman also needed to be changed to a lighter cream color.

close up image of wood color on chair and ottoman
Updated wood color on chair and ottoman
Chair and ottoman after upholstery updates
Chair and ottoman after upholstery updates to wood color and fabric
Chair image before upholstery updates
Chair before upholstery updates
Chair image before upholstery updates
Chair image before upholstery updates and wood color change
Chair image after upholstery updates to wood color and fabric
Chair image after upholstery updates to wood color and fabric
Chair and ottoman image after upholstery updates

Updates to Sitting Room Matching Side by Side Chairs —

I was contacted by a client that needed upholstery services near Denver. She had a sitting room and she wanted to change the fabric on her matching wing backed chairs to something more updated. The current decor wasn’t that exciting and needed changed. We selected a wavy patterned fabric to upholster the 2 matching chairs. The fabric had to coordinate with gold silk curtains already in place as well as an eggplant colored sofa.

The chairs would be placed near the fireplace to add a focal point to the room. The updated fabric brought interest and color to the space.

Side by side matching patterned upholstery chairs
Matching patterned chairs

The pattern helped bring interest into the boring space.

Old chair fabric before upholstery services

How Curtain Blackout Lining Improves Your Quality of Sleep

Blackout Curtain Lining in Bedroom window
Bedroom window with curtain blackout lining

Blackout curtain lining can provide several benefits to homeowners.

There are many types of blackout curtain lining available to the design industry professional and at A Creative Touch Draperies & Interiors, we take great care to provide the best selection for your budget and functional needs.


Blackout curtain lining can provide protection for your Home Furnishings from UV Rays and Harsh sunlight coming in through your windows causing damage to your furnishings.

If you live in the Mile High City you know how harsh the sun can be at this altitude, especially in the Eastern, Western and Southern facing windows. It can damage your home’s furnishings and artwork, as well as prevent you from sleeping in on a weekend.

Blackout curtain lining can provide several benefits to homeowners looking for ways to protect their investments in custom home furnishings.

Light and UV protection – Dim-out and Blackout linings can completely block out the sun’s rays when window treatments are drawn closed.

Improved Sleep – When window treatments have linings that completely block out the light, you are able to sleep much better and wake up naturally instead of just because the light came into the room.

Sound and Cold/Heat Barrier-Thermal Lining provides additional temperature insulation, sound insulation and can help regulate temperatures in rooms where windows may be leaking air.

Home Entertainment Experience Can be Enhanced – Video Games, Television Watching – Ever have the experience of the sun shining right in your face when you are trying to watch the Denver Bronco’s game on a Sunday afternoon? How much better would that be if your window curtains could block out the sun’s rays and allow unimpeded TV watching?

Privacy – Go outside at night and look up at your windows when the lights are on inside the home. Can you honestly say you feel as though your blinds are providing you with complete privacy? Blackout lining completely blocks all light coming in as well blocking light going out from the inside.

Window Treatments bring warmth to newer home

Curved bottom Cornice Valances Add charm and character to boring decor in new home

Curved bottom cornice valance window treatments add charm to boring decor

My client had a newer home that lacked style and warmth. There were roller shades installed, but they didn’t really add anything to the rooms they were installed in. We were working with gray paint, rust colored roller shades and an aqua colored sofa. All of these had to be taken into consideration when creating the perfect window treatment for the client’s main living area. Challenges included a room that was an odd shape and an open floor concept home. The room we focused on first is the first room that you see as soon as you enter the home, so it needed to say “wow”. The solution was curved bottom cornice valance window treatments with nail head embellishments and contrast banding.

A paisley pattern with rust, aqua, grey and cream brought the charm and warmth the client was looking for. A blue dotted with rust and cream accents fabric was used for the welt cording trim detail edging around the valance. Nail head accents added a special touch of character to the window treatment pieces. Also the curved bottoms added charm and character to the space.

Custom Window Treatments with curved bottoms

We selected a paisley print fabric that included all the main colors in the room. We also selected a nice area rug that mirrored the same color scheme and placed it at an angle to make the room seem larger. The shape of the valance was curved at the bottom. To add embellishments we added nail heads to the banding area. We didn’t want to make the window treatments gaudy, so we only added a few of the nail heads. The cornice valance window treatments were just enough to add something to the overall look without being too over the top.

Curved bottom cornice valance window treatment
Curved bottom cornice valance adds charm and character to boring decor

Here is another close up image of the nail heads.

Close up detail of curved bottom cornice valance with nail head details.
Unique curved bottom valances for living room area windows
Living room windows after window treatments installation

Below is an image of the room before we installed the window treatments and the area rug.

Room Image before window treatment installation
Image taken of window before valances were installed

Curtain and Drapery Hardware

Acrylic Curtain and Drapery Hardware

A Creative Touch Draperies & Interiors is proud to announce the addition of Byron & Byron Acrylic Collection called Halo to our offerings for custom drapery and curtain hardware. This collection is taking the interior design world by storm and can be added to just about any style of room. It brings a certain pizzazz to the decor and can work with traditional or contemporary looks and styles. 

Byron & Byron is a company based in the United Kingdom. They have teamed up with Fabricut to offer their product to shopping clients in the United States which is great news for clients located here in the US.

The acrylic curtain and drapery hardware Halo collection also blends the look of painted wood with the acrylic by using bright primary colors for the rods, rings and brackets and then pairing it together with the acrylic finials on the ends of the rod. This collection of drapery hardware will go with just about any accessories as it is clean lines and has metal brackets in the colors of Chrome, Burnished Brass and Copper.

To see the full pdf catalog, click here:

Acrylic can add a clean line to your custom window treatments
Several end cap or finial styles are available in acrylic finish

With several choices of end cap or finial styles to choose from, the look you want will be accomplished easily with all the variations of acrylic, painted wood and metal.  There are no rules in how to blend the different types together and it can really be fun to play with the different variations.

The same shapes are also available in other finishes as well. To see all the finishes, click here

The latest in curtain and drapery hardware samples can be seen by giving us a call to set up your in-home shopping experience with A Creative Touch Draperies & Interiors at 720-394=3715

Designer Fabrics From Kravet Added to List of Suppliers

Trimming for drapery curtains pillows and bedding

We are very excited to announce the addition of Kravet Fabrics to our growing list of suppliers of fine furnishings. With the addition of Kravet, we will have the capability to offer, lamps, accessories, artwork, fine custom made furniture, wall decor, floor coverings, and of course fabrics, trims and hardware for making drapery, curtains, valances, roman shades, bedding and pillows. Our local full service designer workroom has over 25,000 fabric samples to choose from.

Fine Designer Fabrics and trims for drapery curtains and pillows by Kravet
Fine Designer Fabrics and trims for drapery and pillows by Kravet

Custom Bedding and Pillows can add just the right touch to your bedroom decor. We offer custom made duvet covers, decorative pillows and shams as well as window curtains and shades to help you sleep better.

Custom Bedding Fabrics by Kravet
Custom Bedding and Pillow Fabrics by Kravet

We offer many styles, colors and choices of trims to compliment your decor. Always dreamed of having a custom made headboard? We offer that too. Furniture looking boring and dull? Ready for an update, we offer full concierge upholstery services. We bring the store to your location with over 10,000 fabric samples.

We also make custom slipcovers to allow seasonal changes to your furniture.

Kravet and Barbara Barry bring style into the space with custom trimmings for drapery pillows and bedding
Custom trimming for curtains, drapery, pillows, bedding and more by Kravet

With Kravet comes the following lines as well from GP&J Baker, Lee Jofa, as well as Brunschwig & Fils. 

This provides the potential to our clients to receive products from the Curated Kravet Line. To see the entire collection of lighting, rugs, furniture, wall decor, bedding, throws and more, go to this link to check out the catalog

Stroheim’s Trim Story

Enhance your space with the finishing touch of Stroheim’s new Ori Linen trim collection. With an exquisite ability to absorb dye and create a gentle unevenness, this collection creates a three-dimensional relaxed look that elevates it to the next level. Ori Linen is available in 16 beautiful colorways. View the entire collection online at Stroheim.com
Sharon Cash has been the trim goddess at Stroheim and has inspired many to want to add trims to everything from pillows to drapery headings.

Sharon Cash Stroheim Trim Creator
Sharon Cash Stroheim Trim Creator

Meet the talented face behind the trimming collections for Fabricut, Stroheim, Vervain and Trend…Director of Trimmings, Sharon Cash.
She’s been a student of all things trimmings for over 20 years and from an early age has been influenced by couture fashion and the contemporary art world.
When designing and developing trimmings, Sharon loves to mix-and-match materials and construction methods to create specialty items, and also takes a page straight from the fashion world to incorporate a “high-low” mix.
We asked Sharon to compile a list of her favorite trimmings from the two collections she collaborated on with Barry Dixon for Vervain.


Here are Sharon’s Top 10 Barry Dixon Trimmings:


















Work Directly with a Sewing Workroom Professional

Work Directly with a Sewing Workroom Professional

We provide in-home shopping services for many custom home products offered by the interior design community. Our personal in-home shopping service is excellent for bringing the products directly into your space, allowing you to see what the styles, colors and selections will look like with your current decor. We help you find the best solutions for your budget and style.


Custom Curtains, Drapery, Window Treatments

This include shutters, blinds, shades, as well as soft window coverings such as drapery, curtains, and valances.

Everything is made in our local Denver metro full service sewing workroom giving you full oversight of your projects. We provide updates as the project progresses in the stages of fabrication.

The fabrics, hardware and accessories we offer are many of the popular brands offered by the interior design community. Brands such as Duralee, Fabricut, Thibaut, Robert Allen, Vervain, B. Berger, Highland Court, Wesco and many more are available to you in the privacy of your home.

We also offer several popular lines of custom drapery and curtain hardware that you can choose from.

Image of Full service Designer Workroom Industrial Sewing machine
One of our Full Service Designer Workroom Industrial Sewing Machines


Custom Made Bedding Pillows and Accessories

Our full selection of custom made items is available to you and your imagination is the limit on what we can make for your home. We bring our selection of fabrics to your location allowing you to see the design possibilities that will work in your space. Within a few weeks of placing an order, you can have your products delivered and installed.

Custom made Cushions and Slipcovers

We offer a custom made slipcover services that can allow you to change your style and colors by season or by event. Easily these covers can be zippered on and off in a snap.

We bring our full designer fabric selection to your home for demonstration of the design possibilities and you select a fabric of your choice. We pickup the item to be slipcovered, taking it to our local workroom for fabrication of your custom slipcover. Within a few weeks your new slipcovered item is ready for delivery and display in your space.

Drapery and Curtain Lining and Interlining

Two sided drapery curtain with interlining
Drapery Lining on Curtain Back
Drapery Lining showing on back of curtain

Lining and Interlining what is the difference?

Most people know about and have heard of lining but what is interlining? In the image above, the lining that is sewn on the back of curtains or drapery is shown. But interlining wouldn’t show, it is typically a layer in between the face fabric and the lining. Interlining typically is made of 100% cotton and is the consistency similar to flannel.

Drapery Lining image
Drapery Lining on the bolt roll

Some fast facts about interlining:

  1. A standard weight would be 9 oz per yard such as the one used in this drapery application:
  2. Interlining can range from 5 oz up to 20 oz per yard (commonly referred to as bump cloth)
  3. Common uses in window treatments include using with silk fabric to add body and fullness.
  4. A french blackout is created using interlining 
  5. Another use is when fabricating roman shades
Interlining Facts
Interlining can vary in thickness depending on weight per yard


Benefits of Interlining:

  1. Interlining improves the drape and hang of the curtains
  2. Gives a luxurious look and feel to the window treatment – adds body and fullness
  3. Protects the main fabric from harmful sunlight rays
  4. Provides window insulation – reduces direct loss of heat/air conditioned loss through the window, saving energy and keeps the room warmer/cooler
  5. Helps with noise reduction

Disadvantages of Interlining:

  1. Depending on ounces per yard it can add considerable extra weight to window treatments
  2. Additional Hardware required — Ensure that the hardware being used is sturdy enough for the weight of the curtains and that the fixtures used to attach to the wall will support the weight. Using molly bolts or inserts rated for the appropriate weight will alleviate any problems.
  3. Not suitable for all climates –  in a humid/damp areas I wouldn’t recommend using bump as the natural fibers will absorb and hold the moisture from the air which could affect the main fabric.
  4. Extra cost – lining itself – cost to purchase as well as the additional labor cost. 
  5. Usual cleaning methods not recommended — I do not recommend washing or dry-cleaning interlined drapery – just vacuum regularly and open the window to air them out.

Modern Design Needs a Way to Block Harsh Sunlight

Modern Drapery Curtain rod images

When you think of modern design and spaces that are designed in a way that is modern, you usually don’t think of window curtains adorning the window openings. In the Mile High City, the sun can be brutal and cause damage to your furnishings. Watching your favorite television program or playing your favorite video game can be difficult when the sun is blasting across the screen or worse, right in your face, making it impossible to see the images.

Modern Styled Curtain Rod Hardware by JAB-Anstoetz
Modern Styled Curtain Rod Hardware by JAB-Anstoetz

Keeping the fabric lightweight and using elements that repeat in the space such as metals, acrylics and wires can provide function to window curtains and not impede on the modern style you are trying to achieve.

Window Curtain Rod Hardware for Modern Designs
Sometimes a simple white curtain panel is all you need

A plain white linen drapery panel with blackout lining can provide just the right amount of protection from harsh sunlight when trying to sleep in on a weekend. Modern styled rooms typically do not have curtains. We’ve shown here a few options from JAB-Anstoetz and  Brimar Inc that are modern style and provide functionality for window coverings.

Window Curtain Rod by JAB
Window Curtain Rod Hardware by JAB adds to modern motif

Custom Bedding Shams Pillows

Custom Bedding and Pillows

Are your walls white and you just can’t get excited about your bedroom decor? Add some color and a punch to the room with Custom Bedding shams and pillows. Accessorizing with designer fabrics that add charm and interest can add that extra pop to your bedroom decor and bring attention to your bed making it the focal point of the room.

Fabric covered headboard
Add color to your room with a fabric covered headboard and pillows

Use layers of custom decorator pillows to add that extra pop of color on the bed and make your room look like a posh hotel or five star resort that makes you want to stay.

Use artwork and accessories in the room to repeat colors you want to draw attention to. Don’t have any accessories? Try adding a small table in the corner or near the door to display glassware or a colorful lamp.

Thibaut Adds color to bedroom with fabric drapery
Thibaut Designer Fabric Collection adds pop to bedroom window with curtains.

Take note of the contrast in the colors of the room giving it the light and airy feel.

Designer fabric from Thibaut collection adds color to bedroom with custom drapery pillows and duvet
Thibaut designer fabric adds beauty to room with window curtains duvet and custom pillows

Notice the white wall accessories stand out on the painted walls and repeat the white in the custom duvet and custom made pillows on the bed. Even the curtain rod with rings repeats the white color of the accessories. The gray color in the custom window curtains repeats in the custom duvet and the painted wall has the same color as the drapery as well.

We carry the latest designer fabrics from several Fabric supply companies and Thibaut is just one of many that has beautiful selections to compliment your current decor and furniture. We make custom bedding in our local Denver metro full service designer workroom and sell it directly to you. We bring the collections to your home and showcase the design possibilities with your current colors.

Give us a call at 720-394-3715 to set up your in-home shopping experience.

We’d love to help you with your custom home furnishing needs.

Custom Bedding and Pillows Using Designer Fabrics Collection

Custom Bedding and Pillows 

John Robshaw Fabrics for Duralee

“I was completely fascinated by the dyeing and printing processes, as well as how the finished product is used. Textiles become intimate companions in daily life, whether as a pillow, bedcover or sarong…I want all the colors, processes and designs from each culture to blend. I redesign them and mix up the processes in ways no one has ever done before. I try to edit them, learn from them, make them my own but retain their essence. In piggybacking these designs and techniques with each other or with my own ideas, what emerges is new and fresh, and yet retains that sense of tradition, of the handmade. When I need to hire someone to help, I pick the old printers. Their hands are shaky and their eyesight is poor, so the pattern comes out slightly off. I want to feel that human touch,” says John. 
The use of hand stamped look on the fabrics in the John Robshaw collection brings charm and warmth to any space. The use of the bright colors is refreshing. Using the collection in a custom bedding and pillows ensemble makes a statement in any guest bedroom.
Duralee Fabrics Designer John Robshaw
Duralee Fabric Designer John Robshaw Collection

John Robshaw 21037-92hi

John robshaw 21035-108hi

Indigo john robshaw hand linen

Designer Fabrics for custom Bedding and Pillows
John Robshaw Designer of Fabrics for Duralee

John Robshaw 21042-108hi

Duralee Custom pillows using John Robshaw Fabric Collection
Custom Decorator Pillows using John Robshaw Collection Designer Fabrics from Duralee
Duralee Designer John Robshaw Fabrics for Custom Bedding and Pillows
Siam Collection from John Robshaw for Duralee Fabrics


John Robshaw 15453-193hi

john robshaw hand printed linen collection

Petra cobalt bedding robshaw
Custom Bedding using John Robshaw Fabric Collection from Duralee Fabrics

john robshawred and blue

john Robshaw 21037-678hi

Robshaw embraced his passion for the foreign arts and applied it to his work in this latest fabrics collection in which he has teamed up with Duralee Fabrics. This new line allows us to get a splash of eastern Asia in the comfort of our own homes. It brings warmth and charm to any guest bedroom with the use of the brightly colored stamped

Contemporary Drapery and Curtain Hardware

Contemporary Drapery & Curtain Hardware

These sophisticated, contemporary drapery and curtain hardware have streamlined designs with a contemporary flair and the technical precision that has distinguished this German-based company for the past thirty years. Many of the curtain hardware parts are machined from metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and crystal with high precision by computerized technology. These designs were conceptualized by the preeminent European design firm, Sieger Design.

For the homeowner that has a contemporary home design, it can be difficult to find the right window treatment hardware that works in their space. This collection will work for any discerning client that needs something special to work in their contemporary space. 

Metal curtain rods
Blome Contemporary Curtain Hardware



“Form & Inspiration” is only available through Robert Allen Design Group, the exclusive North American distributor of Blome’s drapery hardware.

Robert Allen Hardware Allure_300x300
Allure Contemporary Curtain Hardware
Robert Allen Hardware ModuloBicolor_300x3009
Contemporary Modular Metal Curtain Hardware
Robert Allen Hardware Amber_300x3002
Contemporary Curtain Hardware from Robert Allen
Robert Allen Design Metal Sleek Hardware
Sleek Metal Modern Contemporary Curtain Hardware


The collections are presented in a catalog as an easy, time-saving four-step “kit program”, which includes standard rings and mounting hardware. The catalog guides the customer through the selection of the finial style, the brackets, color/finish and rod length. Blome provides the ability to customize rod lengths to the exact specifications of a window measurement. This makes the installation easy as the lengths are pre-cut to size required. The use of wood together with metal is refreshing and provides warmth in the typically cool contemporary spaces.  

Designer Fabrics used for Drapery Curtains and more

Designer Drapery Fabric from Duralee

Fabrics offered by A Creative Touch in Centennial CO are supplied from various popular fabric suppliers such as Duralee, Fabricut, Robert Allen, Wesco, Kasmir, Kravet and more.

Within the Fabricut company are the divisions of Stroheim, S. Harris, Trend and Vervain. Within the Duralee company are the divisions of Highland Court, Bailey and Griffen, Clarke and Clarke and B. Berger. The wide array of available fabric selection means you have choices for every style and every budget.

Today we’ll focus on a collection from Duralee’s Highland Court division by designer Laura Kirar of New York New York.

Laura Kirar
Designer fabric from Duralee designer Laura Kirar

A designer with the soul of an artist, Laura Kirar blends diverse influences to create relaxed and elegant designs that resonate with meaning. Her passion for artistic exploration in all mediums informs her most recent furniture collection for Duralee.

Laura Kirar Pillow Group
Fabrics from Laura Kirar designer for Duralee fabrics
Laura Kirar Chair
Laura Kirar designer for Duralee fabrics Chair
Laura Kirar collection
Laura Kirar Collection for Duralee division Highland Court
Laura Kirar Duralee 3
Highland Court Fabric Collection by Laura Kirar

The eclectic pieces represent  a passionate commitment to discovery and reveal Kirar’s love of travel and dedication to supporting indigenous crafts around the world. From a singular chaise to ocean-inspired side chairs, a distinctively beautiful chest, and beyond, they embrace wide-ranging influences, including Art Deco, Moorish, and European detailing.

Laura Kirar Duralee
Highland Court Fabric Collection by Laura Kirar
Laura Kirar duralee2
Featured Fabric Chair made from Laura Kirar Highland Court Fabric Collection


Designer Drapery Fabric from Duralee
Laura Kirar for Duralee and Highland Court

Photography shot by Josephine Rozman.

Curtain and Drapery Hardware – New Collection from Duralee

A Creative Touch Draperies & Interiors are excited to announce the newest addition to our Drapery Hardware offerings-Byron and Byron from Duralee Fabrics. This curtain hardware collection has rustic elements of barn wood, acrylic and more.  Every room deserves a bit of bling! Drapery hardware is the easiest way to add more interest to any window treatment. The stylish use of wood, acrylic, glass, metal and other elements to adorn your windows can bring attention to the simplest design.

Barnwood Curtain and Drapery Hardware Selection
Barnwood Curtain and Drapery Hardware Selection

Duralee fabrics has teamed up with Byron and Byron , a curtain rod company located in United Kingdom, to present the US market with some smashingly fresh alternatives in drapery hardware. Their use of color, washing the rustic antique look into the wood really brings the style to life. With a contemporary vintage style, they have a great barn wood collection. As quoted by the Founder and Managing Director of Byron and Byron, Orazio Gualtieri, “These are not just curtain hanging systems, they are functioning art.”

Byron and Byron Barn wood drapery rod collection
Byron and Byron Barn wood drapery rod collection

Here is another view of the beautiful rustic styled barn wood curtain rod collection from Byron & Byron.

Barnwood Curtain Poles
Barnwood Curtain Rod collection

If acrylic drapery rods are your pleasure, then the Byron and Byron Halo Acrylic curtain hardware collection will be just the thing you want to see.  Acrylic can add lines, bling and interest to your room’s decor with the stylish addition of the appearance of clear glass or crystal. It will add pizazz to any room with a bit of shine and sparkle.

BYRONBYRON_Acrylic Drapery Rod
Acrylic Curtain Rod collection from Duralee Fabrics


Hopefully you’ve seen something here that inspires your creativity and visual appetites!

To see this beautiful new collection, call 720-394-3715 to set up an in-home consultation, when we bring the store to your location with over 10,000 designer fabrics and curtain hardware collections to suit your style and decor.

Fabrication process to make blackout roman shades

This method of fabrication is just one method, there are many other methods none being right or wrong. It just depends on which method is the preferred way each individual making the shade prefers.

This French Blackout Roman Shade is being assembled using the Rollease Roller Shade Lift System.

For the lift system, I purchased the Rollease Roller Shade “4ft Shade starter kit” because it saves $$ over buying each individual piece on the Rowley Company  website.

Recently, I have become a workroom direct buyer from Rollease, which saves about 20% over buying from Rowley Company.  The Rollease company  has a workroom price list that is priced not quite as low as a distributor, but not as high as wholesale.  The minimums on the number of items required is less than 10 for larger items (i.e. tubing and clutches) and less than 5 on most smaller items (i.e. tube clips and shade stops).

The Rollease Roller Shade kit  comes with everything you need from Rowley Company.

If you feel uncomfortable with assembling the lift system, Rowley Company also offers an assembled Rollease lift system already mounted onto a board with the proper spacing for ANSI Child Cord Safety standards according to the size specifications you provide to them on the order sheet.  This system already assembled can be a great way to order the first few times if you are unsure how to assemble the kit yourself. Once you order the system and see the way it is assembled, it is pretty easy to do yourself and saves on the assembly and shipping charges.


Roman Shade lift assembly

Lift system:

The first step is to cut the roller to the length of your mounting board minus about 1 3/8″ (leaves space for the mounting brackets on inside mount).  Assemble the Rollease roller shade system by inserting the clutch into the end of the tube as shown below, using a rubber mallet to secure the plastic piece into the metal end of tube.

 Insert the plug end into the roller tube as shown below. Again, use a rubber mallet to gently tap the plug into the final resting place in the tube. Be careful  not to hit this piece too hard as it can damage the mechanism.

Cut your mounting board to 3/8″ less than the size of your window opening for an inside mount. Covering your mounting board with a muslin or lining product will give it a finished look.


Use a air stapler to save on fabrication time


 Attach the Rollease Roller shade tube onto the board using the brackets




For a complete guideline on the spacing of cords etc, please refer to the latest ANSI standards for Child Cord Safety. These standards must be followed by each person that manufactures and sells/delivers an assembled shade product that has cords or closed loop cords. These standards can change.

The Rowley Company has a set of recommended instructions for deciding where to put the shade tube clips.  The shade tube clips need to be properly placed or the shade will lift unevenly. 

Be sure to follow the ANSI child safety standards for cord distance spacing etc.

After completing the assembly of your Rollease Lift system, begin the process of assembling the fabric shade. 


Warning Tags meeting ANSI Standards for Child Cord Safety


Close up detail of the Rollease tube clips, shade stop and cord lift


The assembled Rollease Roller Shade lift system completely assembled

Shade assembly

Cut the shade main face fabric:

If the shade has a pattern, you will want to consider the placement of the pattern on the width of the space you are covering with the shade fabric. Sometimes it is necessary to add pieces together to make a pleasing pattern design on the front side of the shade fabric.

For this particular shade, it was cut 16″ to 20″ longer than the finished length of shade and 8″ wider than the finished width of shade and laid flat onto the table to begin the fabrication process.  Also on this shade, a piece of fabric will be used on the bottom as a contrasting band.  Below is shown the bottom banding already attached and the seam has been steam pressed.  (The 16″ to 20″ includes this bottom banding)


This is the right side of the fabric laying face down

The French Blackout Assembly:

Cut each piece of the French Blackout and lay them in the following order:

Immediately following the face fabric, lay the felt or flannel interlining piece (shown here gray felt was used), next the black sateen, next and last the lining product (a cotton sateen or even a thermal dim-out can be used).   Each piece is cut to the finished length and width of the shade.  I also serge the black sateen and lining product.  For the cut size of each piece, the final finished width size of the shade is used and the length of the final shade size plus 4″


The picture below shows the complete French Blackout laying flat on the front side fabric ready to fabricate the shade.


Assembling the shade stabilization system:

Assemble the iron on rib pieces and ribs by cutting the ribs 1″ shorter than the finished shade width. Cut the iron on rib inserts the same width as the finished shade.  This prevents any dimpling near the iron on ribs when folding the shades sides seams.


Next: Cut pieces of iron on ribs and shade ribs ready to begin assembly


8″ on center of each rib tape row meets ANSI standard spacing for ribs and provides a 4″ fold on front of shade

Please note that 8″ spacing of the iron on rib tapes was used on this shade and this spacing allows for less than 6 1/2″ length on the shrouded cord. The folds will be 4″ on the front of the shade.

To keep the iron on ribs’ spacing even all the way across the width of the shade, continue to follow along with your tape measure ensuring the center to center spacing as you go.

To ensure a good seal with the iron on tapes, at least a 1400 watt steam iron should be used. Test a spot that can be hidden first or a scrap piece to ensure no browning or burns will occur when you use the “very hot” setting on the iron.  A Rowenta “Steamium” 1800 watt iron was used for this project.

DSC_0316 (2)

Use the tape measure and follow along with the iron to ensure the spacing stays 8″ on center of rib tapes

Check the iron on rib tape edges to ensure a good solid seal.  If there are problems, use a hot glue gun to touch up any gaps.


Allow the iron on ribs to cool for a few minutes and then slide the ribs into the slots that are created with the ribs to proceed to the next step of the fabrication process. Below is an image of the shade with all the ribs inserted into the iron on rib inserts. Cut the ribs 1″ less than the width of finished shade. This will prevent any pulling or puckering on the front side finished shade edges.


Attaching the lift cord to the shade:

Ensure you are using the ANSI standards compliant shrouded lift cord to attach to the back of the shade for lifting and lowering the shade.

DSC_0376 (2)

For this shade the spacing provided for 5 rows of shroud lift tape on the lift system

When attaching the shroud tape to the back of the shade, I use a dab of hot glue from a hot glue gun on each side of the shroud tape, making sure not to get any on the portion in the center that has the lift cord.  Next, I use 6-8 pieces of thread on a needle and insert into the rib tapes where the heat activated glue portion is.  6-8 pieces of thread saves time because it only requires one insertion for each side of the shroud tape. Go through all the layers of the shade to the front side fabric.  Stabbing the thread into the iron on rib tape pieces provides additional stability to the lift system. This is because of the rib tape glue and the additional thickness of the rib tape fabric and the ribs themselves are supporting the weight of the lift and being pulled instead of your fabrics and interlinings.


Use 6 to 8 threads to save time on how many times you poke through the fabric


Close up detail of the 6-8 threads coming up through the glued on rib tape cut off with 3″ tails


Use  2 tails closest together to tie a double knot then re-thread into a needle and “hide” the ends into the shroud tape


Finally after pulling the thread through with the needle glue down the ends with hot glue gun

Put a dab of hot glue onto the knotted thread. then re-thread the needle with the 3″ ends, stabbing into the iron on rib and “hiding” the ends of the thread, pull through to the back side again and cut off adding a dab of hot glue to the thread ends for security.

The lift cord must be separated from the shroud on the top most fold so it can be attached to the lift mechanism.  I use an awl to separate the shroud fibers and pull the cord through the fibers.


Take note of how neat the appearance of the hidden, tied off, knotted and glued down ends look


After separating the cord from the shroud fibers, fold the shroud tape over and use a hot glue gun to secure the shroud to the iron on rib edge. The cord is free and ready to be attached to the Rollease tube clip.

 Side Seam Completion

 The next step is to begin the process of folding the side seams in for closure. To ensure the width of the shade is the same from top to bottom, measure the width at several points from the top to the bottom of the shade. Finger press a crease into the side seams before using the steam iron to press in a permanent crease or pin it temporarily and press once you’ve ensured correct width.  Also, when using printed fabrics, you’ll want to ensure the print is even down the length of the shade. Sometimes the fabric is misprinted and the pattern is printed unevenly onto the fabric. In the case of this fabric it was unevenly printed and it would have made dimpling and shifting occur on the face fabric if an adjustment would have been made. The pattern will fade off at the edges of the shade. On an inside mount shade this is barely noticeable.


Make sure to measure all the way down the edge to ensure you have a perfectly folded hem.


Press side seams into shade ensuring the width is correct from top to bottom using tape measure.

Finishing Side Hems:

Next step is to press the side hems in using the iron. Pressing a firm crease into the side hem; ensure you have the same width from top to bottom using the tape measure across the width of the shade as you go similar to the iron on rib tape procedure shown above.

Using a heat activated sealer tape, hot glue gun or hand sewing, complete the side hems however you choose for a clean finish.  When hand sewing in the side hems, I do not go all the way out to the face fabric as this causes a dimpling effect on the face of the shade.


Finished side hems      

Connecting the shade to the Lift System:

Next step is to line up the Rollease board mounted lift device to your shade and begin the process to connect your shade to the board and lift system.  Use the shade stop tie on holes as a guideline for where your lift cords will be lined up.  This provides ensured straight lifting of the shade when it is going up and down.


Rollease Lift System Tube clips and shade stops detail

Using a hot glue gun to secure the knots on the shroud cord can be done after checking the lift system’s lift ability.

Check the lift system to ensure proper operation:

I check for straight lift as well as even lift and the back of the shade shroud tape and cord to ensure no tangling of the cord in the tube clips is occurring.


Finishing the Shade Bottom

For the bottom edge of your shade, you can use the edge of the french blackout pieces as your guide. Press in with the steam iron the bottom crease that will be your edge on the bottom of the shade.

If you have several inches of fabric on this bottom edge, you will want to fold it over making a double fold. This is the space where your bottom weight rod will be placed.

Finishing the shade length

For the top portion, you will have to use your tape measure to ensure a completely even shade. You will want to measure the shade top to bottom at many points along the entire width of the shade for the best accuracy. Then using a chalk or disappearing pen, make a mark in the top where you will cut off any excess fabric.  When the shade top is cut to the right size, I then go to the serger machine and serge this top edge for a clean look.  Another way to give a clean look is use a 1″ fold and press with the steam iron, staple this serged/folded edge down to the board.

I use a board that is 3 3/4″ wide so I make the shade the exact length needed plus 3 1/2″ extra length to wrap around the top of the board and staple. For a folded over edge add your board width minus 1/4″ and then add an extra 1″ for the fold.

DSC_0377 (2)

The back of the shade when it is raised

DSC_0448 (2)

The front of the shade when it is raised

 The shade can be raised even higher and tighter, but I wanted to show the detail of the striped fabric and the banding at the bottom.

DSC_0449 (2)

The front of the shade when it is lowered.

DSC_0375 (2)

The back of the shade when it is lowered


Duralee Fabric Designer Uses Color to Express Seasons

One of the fabric suppliers A Creative Touch Draperies & Interiors in Centennial Co, uses is Duralee. Recently Duralee commissioned an award winning designer to help with a collection of fabrics that is just, in my mind, amazing!

Her collection combines bright colors with white backgrounds giving it a clean, modern, chic look with the vibrant colors added in for a pow! The designer is Eileen Kathryn Boyd.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Designer for Duralee
Eileen Kathryn Boyd Designer for Duralee

Her use of color will make you smile!

In the photo below, the use of yellow with purple and aqua just sing of Spring!

To see the complete Duralee  Eileen Kathryn Boyd’s collection.

Eileen k Boyd yellow and purple

Eileen K Boyd collection from Duralee

 Eileen Kathryn Boyd has her own blog with so much to offer anyone that loves color.

The drapery and pillow fabrics are shown below:

Eileen K Boyd 15386-246hi
Duralee pattern 15386-246
Drapery yellow 21009-610hi
Duralee pattern 21009-610
Eileen K Boyd 15379-618
Duralee Pattern 15379-618


The chair cushion and pillow fabrics in this photo are included below:

Eileen K boyd purple chair

Here are a few more designs put together with Eileen Kathryn Boyd fabric collection;


The drapery fabric is shown here:

Eileen K Boyd print 21008-204hi

The bench fabric is shown here:

Eileen K Boyd Bench 15390-588hi

Designer John Robshaw Duralee Fabrics Collection Highlighted

If you love fabrics that look handmade and are imperfectly printed with a tribal feeling, then the Collection by John Robshaw from Duralee just might be a collection you’ll love.  As a lover of the old world techniques, John travels and connects with artisans from many different cultures. He prefers to use imperfect printing techniques that provide a human touch element similar to the old style of printing used in days long gone. He uses the color Indigo liberally and often mixing it with reds, oranges, and browns.  John impacts communities overseas where he builds relationships with his artisans and gets involved in their daily lives by attending weddings and other family celebrations.
John enjoys blending colors, processes and designs from each culture. He redesigns them and mixes up the processes in unique ways yet he is able to retain their essence. In piggybacking these designs and techniques with each other or with his own ideas, what emerges is new and fresh, and yet retains that sense of tradition and of the handmade.
The Duralee collection offers something for every color choice.
The image below capitalizes on the tribal aspects of his designs by showing off animal prints, tribal symbolism and old world printing techniques.

John robshaw 21035-108hi



John Robshaw 15453-193hi

siam 2

John Robshaw previewing selections from his Siam Collection.

Curtains and Drapery Panels with Plantation Shutters

DSC_0182 (2)
Before Custom Drapery

Office Window Treatment

A client had shutters on a bay window in an office that was pretty dull and boring. She wanted to add an office window treatment to bring some style and color to the boring space. Nearby in another room, there were some plaid wing back chairs. These chairs inspired the color scheme we were trying to work with. She wanted to make a statement with the window treatment since that room was the first room seen when entering the house. She selected a beautiful Wesco fabrics embroidery design that is simply stunning. To do justice to this fabric, interlining was used to add body and then because this window is Southern facing and has intense sunlight, we added 3 pass blackout lining as well. This ensures that little imperfections in this beauty wouldn’t show when light filtered in through the shutters.  To keep the fabric flowing nicely and show the most of the beautiful embroidery details, we didn’t add any pleats to the drapery panels.  This keeps the look simple and allows the most of the design pattern details to show up.
To bring out the deep red tones in the embroidery fabric selected for the office window treatment, the drapery curtain hardware selected to accompany the office window treatment was a 2″ diameter wooden rod from Select Drapery Hardware in Black Walnut. Pineapple end finials symbolize luck in any decor, so we went with them for good luck!
The results were stunning and of course the client was very happy with the final product.  She said she loves to go in the office and read so she can spend time looking at the beautiful floral embroidery fabric on her office window treatment.
She is still able to open her shutters without interference.
And the fabric, style and hardware do make a statement in her home.

Go check out her review on houzz.com.

After Custom Drapery added
After Custom Drapery added

Window Treatments hanging from What?

There are many different ways to hang a window treatment these days. Unique ideas can really help to achieve that “wow” factor you are going for. This post will focus on unconventional as well as conventional ways to hang window treatments.

Drapery Hardware can vary from a knob to a full length drapery rod with finials, rings and brackets. Materials used to manufacture the hardware range from metal, stainless steel, resin, and wood.

The ways to use these elements in window treatment designs are only limited by your imagination!

The Helser Brothers have come up with some Old World Style wrought iron scrolls in their Artigiani Collection using two back to back finials attached to a vertical finial mount bracket. The design shown in this dining room area curved bay window alcove with a multi-layered tray ceiling calls for something special. Silk, chenille and wrought iron definitely answer that call. Note the use of the paint on the tray ceiling calls attention to the eye and draws you upward toward that beautiful scroll hardware. The use of interlining with the silk adds body to the panels.

Helser_Brothers10 (2)

Go check out the entire Helser Brothers Line of drapery hardware on their website.

Adding drama to a particular area of a home can be done with the use of silk, fullness, interlining, and long lengths.

This design was found on CustomCreationsbySheri from Dysert Iowa. These dramatic silk drapery panels are punctuated with an overlay valance creating depth. The full length panels with a contrasting pleat insert bring drama and warmth to this formal living room area. The rounded shape of the window grouping is framed by the wooden rods with finials. The multi layered design has the panels hung by a rod pocket versus wooden rings. The overlay valance is also hung by a rod pocket instead of rings.  Notice the placement of the pattern on the overlay valance.

The following window treatment design for a dining area, focuses on the use of pattern and color to bring interest to the otherwise plain decor. The drapery hardware used is a small diameter metal rod with metal rings and a corner joint that makes it a one piece unit allowing the crown molding to be highlighted and uninterrupted. Note the width of the drapery wouldn’t allow the panels to cover the window space if they were drawn. These drapery panels remain stationary, but provide just enough pizazz to complete the room.

  3c6094a740add534f161e84d9481c0b8 (2)

To see more designs from this Texas based designer, visit their site here.

For a modern sleek look, it can be a challenge to find a hardware piece to compliment the space without overdoing it. One of my “go to” drapery hardware companies is JAB. Most of their lines are contemporary and modern. A favorite of contemporary clients is the Metropolitan line. JAB is a European company with roots in Germany.

The image below depicts the JAB stainless steel flat curtain rod with a low profile and clean lines.


The following image was found on Pinterest and is an idea of how to solve a window treatment for an arched window frame. The sheer is mounted to the wall with small rings that are screwed into the plaster. There are small sewn portions of the fabric that are gathered onto the rings with a piece of thread wrapped around each ring.  Many more variations of this can be accomplished with heavier fabrics that are lined. The dips in the fabric can be spaced closer together so that minimal light shows through at the top of the design. Hooks can be attached to the back of the treatment and attach to each of the rings.

SHeer on knobs (2)

The image below was found on google and represents another variation of using knobs to attach a valance to the wall. The soft flowing folds are just enough to block out harsh rays of sun that come in through the upper portion of the window, yet still allow plenty of view.


Valance hung from knobs kitchen (2)

This image was found on Google.com.

Knobs like the ones in the valance example can be purchased as “tiebacks” or “holdbacks” from the Kirsch Designer Metals Collection.  They are available in two sizes 3″ and 4″ diameter.

Finials can also be used as knobs when attached to the Kirsch finial adapters as shown in the image below found on this site of a curved bay window with stationary drapery panels mounted on the finials. This design eliminates the need for a rod with multiple bends and curves. It is a bit labor intensive during installation as there are 5 to 6 finials on each panel and there are 6 panels.

Bay with Panels mounted on finials (2)

The image below is an example of more panels on knobs. These knobs are 2″ projection and are made of resin.

Decorative Panel on Knobs

The image below uses resin holdbacks mounted on 6″ posts for a traditional style window treatment that was needed above plantation shutters. Dupioni embroidered silk swags that are hung from holdback posts provide a less structured approach to the scarf type window treatment. Pieces of wadded up wrapping paper were used in longer lengths of the scarf to add body and to make it stay in place.

20140820_124206 (3)

Hopefully this post has inspired you to think “outside the box” when it comes to the use of different types of hardware to mount your window treatments for a look that really says “wow”!